How to Choose a Jib Crane Suitable for Clean Room

28 Dec 2023 News

Clean room jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment specially used in clean room environment. Clean rooms are usually used in situations where strict control of air quality and environment is required, such as in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, bioengineering and other industries. Clean room jib cranes realize the hanging and transportation of materials through the jib structure, and are dust-proof, anti-static, and easy to clean. This kind of crane must be designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of a clean room environment to ensure that it does not cause air pollution and at the same time can meet the needs of material handling and operations in a clean room.

Cleanroom column jib crane

Composition structure:

  ● Rotating base: used to support and rotate the entire crane. It is usually made of steel structure and has a stable base design to ensure the smooth rotation and operation of the crane.

  ● Swing arm: connected to the rotating base and has rotation and telescopic functions. The jib is usually made of steel structure and has sufficient rigidity and strength to withstand the load during lifting operations. The length and shape of the swing arm can be designed according to specific application requirements.

  ● Lifting mechanism: used to transport and install materials. It usually includes an electric hoist, wire rope or chain, hook, etc. The lifting mechanism can be driven by an electric or hydraulic system to achieve vertical lifting and horizontal movement of materials.

  ● Control system: used to control the operation and operation of the crane. It includes electrical control cabinets, button control boxes, remote controls and other equipment. The control system can realize the rotation, telescoping, lifting and other actions of the crane, and provide safety protection functions, such as limit protection, load display, etc.

  ● Auxiliary devices: including limiters, buffers, anti-tip devices, etc., used to improve the safety and stability of the crane.


  ● Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of a clean room environment to ensure that it does not generate or introduce contaminants of its own. It can be operated in clean rooms without compromising cleanliness.

  ● It adopts a swivel arm structure with rotation and telescopic functions, and can flexibly transport materials in the clean room. The design of the jib allows the crane to cover a larger working range and have a higher handling capacity.

  ● Equipped with a precise control system, it can achieve smooth operation and precise positioning during the lifting process. This is critical for material handling and installation in cleanroom environments to avoid interference with cleanliness.

  ● Use dust-proof and anti-static design and materials to reduce pollution and interference to the clean room environment. It prevents the generation and accumulation of static electricity and reduces the adsorption of fine dust in clean rooms.

  ● It has excellent stability and reliability to ensure efficient and stable operation under various working conditions. This helps reduce failure rates and improve production efficiency.

Stainless steel portable jib crane

How to choose a jib crane suitable for clean rooms:

  ● Working environment: The first thing to consider is the characteristics of the working environment, such as the level of the clean room, temperature, humidity, etc. These factors will directly affect the performance requirements and configuration selection of the crane.

  ● Carrying capacity: Choose a crane with sufficient carrying capacity based on actual needs. At the same time, the stability of the equipment also needs to be considered to ensure safe and stable operation under various working conditions.

  ● Accuracy requirements: For application scenarios that require precision operations in clean rooms, you need to choose a crane with high-precision positioning and lifting capabilities. This will help improve work efficiency and product quality.

  ● Customization capabilities: Since the environments and requirements of different clean rooms vary, choosing a crane with strong customization capabilities will help meet various special needs. The length of the swing arm, load-bearing capacity, and other functional and structural features of the equipment can be customized according to actual needs.

  ● Maintenance: When choosing a jib crane suitable for clean rooms, you also need to consider the ease of maintenance of the equipment. Choosing equipment that is easy to remove, install, and maintain will help reduce maintenance costs and increase work efficiency. At the same time, high-quality materials and workmanship need to be used to increase the service life of the equipment.