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02 Apr 2022 Products > Clean Room Crane

A cleanroom stainless steel crane is a crane specifically designed for use in a cleanroom environment, such as a pharmaceutical facility or an electronics assembly cleanroom. Made of stainless steel material, these cranes are highly resistant to corrosion and are easy to clean and sanitize.

Cleanroom stainless steel cranes are typically lightweight and compact in design, making them suitable for tight spaces in cleanrooms. It is also equipped with precision controls for smooth, precise movement, minimizing the risk of contamination.

These cranes are often equipped with cleanroom-grade hoists designed to meet stringent cleanroom standards and prevent the release of particles or contaminants into the environment. A hoist is usually enclosed to keep out dirt or debris, and it may also have stainless steel chains or wire rope for added durability and cleanliness.

Composition structure:

  ● The main beam is the main load-bearing part of the crane, usually made of stainless steel, with sufficient strength and stability to support and suspend the load.

  ● The running gear is the part used to move on the main girder, usually controlled by an electric drive system. It enables the crane to move horizontally along the main girder for flexible operation in the clean room.

  ● A hoist is a component used to lift and lower loads. It is usually controlled by an electric drive system and has a clean room level design to ensure cleanliness and sterility during the lifting process.

  ● The operating system is a component used to control and operate the crane, including remote controls, buttons, switches, etc. It enables the operator to precisely control the movement and lifting movements of the crane.

  ● Safety protection devices are used to ensure the safety of crane operation, including limiters, heavy-duty protectors, power-off protectors, etc. These devices monitor and limit the operating range and load of the crane to avoid accidents and damage.


  1. Clean and wear-resistant, no dust, no vacuum, anti-static design

  2. Low failure rate, high operational reliability

  3. Wide debugging range and precise positioning

  4. Maximize the use of space

  5. Stable operation and beautiful appearance

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