Non-standard Customization of Clean Room Cranes

11 Mar 2022 Products > Clean Room Crane

The clean room crane is a kind of lifting equipment specially used in the clean room environment. Its main features are good sealing and dust-free functions to ensure the air quality in the clean room. The non-standard customized clean room crane refers to the lifting equipment that is customized and produced according to the special needs of customers, which is different from the conventional standard crane. When carrying out material handling operations in electronic workshops, precision instrument workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops and other industries, Converson clean room cranes can meet the strict requirements on hygiene and dust-free operation while undertaking the lifting function.

Suspension clean room crane

Considerations for non-standard customization:

  ● Size and structure: Adjust the size and structure according to the needs of customers to adapt to different working environments and site constraints.

  ● Material selection: select materials suitable for the clean room environment, such as dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static and other special materials.

  ● Control system: Including the customization of the control system, the control method and equipment suitable for the clean room environment can be selected according to the needs of customers to ensure the normal operation and operation of the crane.

  ● Attachments and Accessories: Customize attachments and accessories, such as special spreaders, clamps, sensors, etc., to meet special lifting needs.


  1. Clean, wear-resistant, no dust, no dust, anti-static design

  2. Low failure rate and high operational reliability

  3. The working scale is adjustable in a wide range and the positioning is accurate

  4. Maximize the use of space

  5. Stable operation, beautiful appearance, patented product

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