Intelligent crane system

07 Jan 2022 News
The intelligent crane system is also called intelligent crane, unmanned crane, etc. It is the crane equipment commonly used in intelligent factories. The intelligent crane has the characteristics of unmanned operation, precise positioning, and labor cost saving. At present, with the continuous expansion of the national construction industry, industrial construction, port transportation and other industries, there are more and more industry functions, the application of hoisting equipment is more and more extensive, and the types of hoisting equipment are diverse, targeting different fields and scopes of use. There are different forms and models of lifting equipment. With the continuous advancement of technology, it is an important development direction and an inevitable trend to integrate automation technology and lifting machinery equipment to improve the efficiency and level of automatic operation of machinery and equipment. With the help of modern information technology, the level of automation, high efficiency and safe operation of crane equipment will be greatly improved. The introduction of intelligent monitoring systems, fault diagnosis systems, and fully digital control drive technology will greatly reduce human errors and improve the machinery. Equipment static and dynamic characteristics, speed control performance, etc., with the in-depth application of 3D barcode technology and remote sensing technology, crane equipment modes and operations become more diversified, and comprehensive breakthroughs have been made in safety assurance and intelligent remote control. It can be expanded and extended in more fields, so as to better serve industrial production and other fields and play a more important role. Welcome to consult us for customized smart cranes!