Aluminum alloy single beam suspension crane

02 Dec 2020 Products > Clean Room Crane

The aluminum alloy single beam suspension crane is suitable for the straight line transportation of materials, which can be directly connected to the loading and unloading station, used for reciprocating transportation operation and circular transportation operation, and can freely walk in the track on different parts such as linear guide rail, curve guide rail, branch point, turntable, etc.Aluminum alloy single beam suspension craneFeatures of aluminum alloy single beam suspension crane:Aluminum alloy single beam suspension crane adopts modular system design, which has a wide range of applications. The invalid distance between the two ends of the aluminum alloy track is very small, which ensures the highest space utilization rate. It has small size, compact structure and convenient installation. Aluminum alloy rail suspension crane is easy to operate and can be moved manually. Wuxi Shiyang aluminum alloy track KBK track can be suspended from the existing workshop structure or roof without additional support for crane track. The main beam and trolley of aluminum alloy suspension crane are connected by hinge joint to ensure smooth operation and barrier free. Aluminum alloy suspension crane can run on non parallel rails. Single beam suspension crane can be customized high cost performance solutions according to customer workshop requirements. Aluminum alloy track has the natural properties of dust-free and explosion-proof.

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