Aluminum alloy electric gantry crane

03 Dec 2020 Products > Intelligent Crane

The aluminum alloy electric gantry is actually a gantry crane. It looks like a gantry crane. In the middle, the goods are lifted and moved back and forth. It mainly relies on the cooperation of electric hoist and trolley, and the whole work runs back and forth on the track. There are two kinds of gantry cranes, box type and flower rack type. If the lifting capacity requirements are not very high, try to use the flower rack type. The main characteristics of the trellis type are low cost, small weight, high economy, convenient installation and transportation.Aluminum alloy electric gantryApplication of aluminum alloy electric gantryAluminum alloy electric gantry is a kind of simple and portable gantry crane. It is equipped with wheels on its legs and can move back and forth. It can be simply divided into several parts that are easy to transport and can be assembled quickly in another place of use. This feature is beneficial in many occasions. It is suitable for the lifting, installation and transportation of warehouses, logistics, workshops and open places without power supply. It can be easily used in places where it is impossible or uneconomical to use suspension cranes.

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