Types of stainless steel hoist and requirements for suspension points

27 May 2022 News
Stainless steel hoist is mainly used in food production, medical instruments, electronic equipment, pharmaceutical production and other fields with high environmental requirements. It is mainly used for equipment lifting, installation and maintenance to avoid solid particles and dust in daily work. stainless steel hoist There are two types of stainless steel hoist: chain block and electric hoist. Different types of hoist have different application sites and conditions. Chain block is mainly used in hoisting occasions with low work efficiency and high requirements for hoisting accuracy, or in new plants without power supply; Electric hoist is mainly used in factory assembly line. In the factory, the adhesive force of the spray paint applied on the surface of the electrical system is low, which is easy to cause the spray paint to fall off during the construction process, and the uniformity of the appearance is insufficient, often absorbing a lot of dust due to static electricity. Therefore, when selecting the lifting point and running track for the stainless steel hoist, try to select the integrated lifting equipment, which not only has a more stable structure, but also can avoid cable wear, very high dust-proof grade and dust absorption due to electrostatic problems.