What are the requirements for Jib crane operation test and load reduction test?

05 Feb 2021 News
The operating test and load test of the cantilever crane in use can only be the no-load and rated load test, and the rated load test can be carried out in two inspection cycles. Major repair quality inspections and operational load tests must be carried out in accordance with relevant standards. In addition to regular inspections and new installation inspections, for cranes that have been overhauled and modified, they should be inspected after completion: cranes that have been idle for more than one year must be renewed. Inspection should be carried out during use: inspection should also be carried out when the strength, rigidity, stability of components, important performance of the mechanism, etc. of the lifting equipment are damaged. At the same time, the economic Regular inspection, every shift should be maintained, menstrual maintenance personnel to check. Relevant inspection and inspection results should be recorded and archived. Requirements for jib crane operation test and load reduction test. More information please contact us for free!