1000kg Stainless Steel Mobile Gantry Crane

09 May 2024 News

Mobile gantry cranes are used for material handling in areas where overhead cranes aren't practical or available. They are often used in maintenance shops, loading areas, and machine shops

As a crane manufacturer specialized in stainless steel material, mobile gantry crane made of stainless steel is also our business. Equipped with electric chain hoist, which covered by stainless steel shield to prevent dust and rust, our mobile gantry crane is suitable for the controlled environment.

For now, KFCS had delivered several stainless steel mobile gantry crane to various industries, including but not limited to semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, IC integrated circuit, chemical, optical workshops.

1000kg stainless steel mobile gantry crane in cleanroom

Advantages of Stainless Steel Mobile Gantry Crane

1. Resistant to Rust and Corrosion

Resistant to rust and corrosion: One of the key advantages of a stainless steel mobile gantry crane is its exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, such as marine or outdoor settings, where exposure to moisture, saltwater, and chemicals is common. And the This resistance ensures the longevity and durability of the crane, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

2. Portable for Work in a Limited Space

The portability of a stainless steel mobile gantry crane is a significant advantage, especially when working in limited spaces. These cranes are designed with corrosion resistant 304/316 stainless steel, making them easy to maneuver and move in cleanrooms without producing extra dust. The compact and modular design allows for quick assembly and disassembly, enabling the crane to be deployed in various locations within a facility or on different job sites.

portable gantry crane

3. Easy and Safe Lifting

Stainless steel mobile gantry cranes are designed with ease of use and safety in mind. They are equipped with two options, pendent control and radio remote control. Meanwhile, the adjustable height characteristic ensure optimal positioning and alignment of the load. Additionally, the portable gantry cranes are equipped with safety features such as overload protection systems, emergency stop buttons, and limit switches, ensuring the safety of operators and preventing accidents.

Stainless steel mobile gantry crane is highly beneficial in a cleanroom environment. Its clean and non-contaminating properties, mobility, versatility, compliance with cleanroom standards, and safety features make it an essential tool for lifting and handling operations in cleanroom environments, ensuring the maintenance of stringent cleanliness standards and minimizing the risk of contamination.

KFCS Crane offer stainless steel portable gantry crane and other lifting solution on request. Get a custom gantry crane solution today!