FEM Standard Electric Hoist Overhead Crane

08 Apr 2024 News

FEM standards are a series of specifications on the design, manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance of lifting machinery formulated by the Federation of European Material Handling. The FEM standard aims to ensure the safety and reliability of lifting machinery, improve equipment usage efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and provide users with a better user experience.

FEM standard single girder crane

FEM standard cranes include a variety of equipment, the most common of which include overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, etc. These equipment comply with the requirements of FEM standards during the design and manufacturing process to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the equipment.

Features of FEM standard cranes

  ● During the design and manufacturing process, European and international safety standards are strictly followed to ensure that the equipment can maintain stable operation in various working environments, thus ensuring the safety of operators.

  ● Using advanced control systems and transmission technology, it can quickly and accurately complete material handling tasks and improve production efficiency.

  ● Pay attention to the durability and reliability of the equipment during the design and manufacturing process to reduce the failure rate of the equipment, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

  ● The user-friendly design allows operators to easily master the operation methods of the equipment and improve work efficiency.

European double girder crane

FEM standard cranes are widely used in various occasions, such as factories, warehouses, docks, construction sites, etc. In these occasions, FEM standard cranes can efficiently complete material handling tasks, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs. At the same time, FEM standard cranes can also adapt to various complex working environments to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.