KBK Rail Crane KBK Flexible Crane KBK Combined Crane

25 Jan 2021 News
Product features: 1. Good reliability and high stability. All the components of the KBK light crane system are standard modules to ensure mass and high-quality production, so the system is very reliable; the main body of the system module is three specifications of cold-rolled profiles with high strength, Good rigidity and light weight ensure the stability of the system. 2. Strong adaptability KBK system can be designed and installed flexibly according to the needs of each station in the factory. From fixed-point transportation to high-accuracy multi-point and multi-beat automatic conveyor lines, they can be combined at will. It can be used in newly designed workshops, as well as in the transformation or extension of old systems. 3. Easy to install   The installation and debugging of KBK system is very convenient. KBK profiles and standard modules can be used only with bolt connection, which can save the space and area of the factory, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving corporate efficiency. The system can be operated manually, as well as automatic and semi-automatic operation. Can be customized accroding to your needs.