High-strength material structure single and double track aluminum alloy track crane application

25 Jan 2021 News
Application form of aluminum alloy track crane: Single track type, double track type, single beam type, double beam type, telescopic type, heightened type. Easy to use: The unique shape and high-strength material structure enlarges the working area of ​​the crane, making the crane span an advantage in the market. The characteristics of light weight and low rolling resistance of aluminum alloy track make it possible to replace electric trolleys with flat push trolleys and provide a modern and efficient lifting scheme. The general conditions and points of attention for the aluminum alloy track combined suspension crane are as follows: 1. The flexible combined suspension crane is not allowed to be overloaded. The rated lifting capacity includes the load being lifted and the additional load (for example: spreader, rope, etc.). 2. The flexible combined suspension crane is suitable for general workshops, warehouses and places where materials need to be lifted and transported below 2t. The ambient temperature is required to be between -20°C and 70°C. 3. The altitude of the installation site of the flexible combined suspension crane should not exceed 2000m, and it should generally work indoors. 4. Special protective measures should be taken for flexible combined suspension cranes that are used outside of -20℃~70℃, outdoor and corrosive gas (liquid) environment. More information please contact us for free.