Stainless steel material handling equipment

27 Dec 2021 News
Stainless steel material handling equipment is mainly suitable for use in clean rooms/clean rooms/explosion-proof/anti-corrosion conditions in the medical/food industry, so that materials in special environments can be easily handled without any pollution. The structure is all made of stainless steel. It adopts German Yale hoist, manual and electric. The chains and hooks are all made of stainless steel. Let the environment with higher cleanliness level be used more at ease. All structures have been calculated by computer, and the structure is safe and durable. It is a reliable material moving helper by your side. Stainless steel column cantilever crane is a special lifting equipment designed according to user requirements. The main parts of the machine are all made of stainless steel, which is suitable for use in places with corrosive gas. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with explosion-proof motors and explosion-proof travel switches, which are suitable for places with explosive gases or explosive gas mixtures. The stainless steel column crane is composed of a fixed column, a movable column, a swing arm, a roller device and an electric push rod. The structure is simple, the rotation is light and flexible, the swing arm can rotate 300°, and the working space is large.