Stainless steel clean room crane

23 Dec 2021 News
Stainless steel clean room crane refers to a professional special model that prevents dust when carrying heavy objects with a crane in the clean room, and can use the limited space in the outdoor to maximize the realization of the use of space. In order to prevent the occurrence of dust, a stainless steel plate is laid on the running surface of the wheel. At the same time, the materials of the wheels and guide wheels are made of engineering plastics. In the lifting chain, a sheath device that prevents tiny flakes from scattering is used to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room. Clean driving is to meet the requirements of precision processing, miniaturization, purity (quality), and reliability in the processing and production process of high-tech products, and puts forward higher requirements for the cleanliness level in the production environment . On the other hand, with the development of modern biomedicine, the requirements for the control of the number of bacteria and microbial contamination in clean rooms have also been increasing to ensure that the medical and pharmaceutical, biological research, and food production industries are free from microbial contamination or infection. Stainless steel clean cranes are used in food processing, special materials, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, medical, aerospace, military, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, thin films, biopharmaceuticals and other industries. Certain production links require a clean, dust-free production environment.