Steinless steel hoist has become a common lifting equipment in food workshops

16 May 2022 News
In the workshops of the food industry, the materials and structures of hoisting machinery and equipment have corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and sterility, and the design must ensure that the equipment will not pollute the food due to wear or lubricant, which is a basic requirement. Another prerequisite is that it can be easily cleaned with a strong corrosive cleaner. At present, among the existing materials, only stainless steel can meet this requirement. Therefore, stainless steel hoist, including stainless steel chain hoist and electric hoist, has become a common lifting equipment in food workshops. Stainless steel chain hoist is especially suitable for the food industry. The main reason is that its chain and shell, including the whole body, are made of stainless steel. Compared with traditional steel, it can reduce the number of maintenance, and it is easy to clean after contact with oil, without greasy and wear. The stainless steel electric hoist can also be operated by radio remote control, automatic control or manual control device connected by cable. After the chain storage bag is provided under the cover of the electric hoist, the excess chain can be stowed, which makes the electric hoist suitable for the production facilities for rapid processing of perishable foods such as milk. Stainless steel chain hoist and stainless steel electric hoist have their own advantages. They jointly solve the problem of lifting weight for the food factory.