Stainless steel crane system in University Laboratory

28 Apr 2022 News
In university research institutes, university research institutes, chemical laboratories, physics research institutes and other laboratories, it is usually necessary to be equipped with anti-corrosion clean room crane system, and stainless steel crane is the most correct choice. Stainless steel cranes used in university laboratories include: stainless steel monorail crane, stainless steel jib crane, stainless steel bridge single beam crane, stainless steel bridge double beam crane, stainless steel mobile gantry, etc. These crane systems can not only resist corrosion, but also adapt to high temperature and high humidity chemical conditions to prevent chemical molecules scattered in the air from reacting on the crane surface. If you are looking for the product of stainless steel crane system, please contact us. We will customize it according to your actual use and find the most suitable crane product.