Stainless Steel Double Girder Overhead Crane

10 May 2022 Products > Clean Room Crane

Stainless steel double girder overhead crane is a lifting equipment used in industrial and production sites. It usually consists of two main beams spanning the work area, with lifting machinery mounted on them. The use of stainless steel makes it corrosion-resistant and suitable for use in humid or chemically corrosive environments.

The stainless steel double-girder overhead crane is mainly composed of a overhead frame, a trolley operating mechanism, a trolley, and electrical equipment.

Stainless steel overhead crane

1. Overhead

The overhead frame is the main structure of the stainless steel double-girder overhead crane, which is usually made of welded steel plates or section steel. The cross-sectional shape of the overhead can be I-shaped, box-shaped or other forms to meet different usage requirements. On the overhead, major components such as the cart operating mechanism and the trolley operating mechanism, as well as the lifting mechanism and rotating mechanism are installed.

2. Cart operating mechanism

The trolley operating mechanism consists of active wheels, passive wheels, transmission devices and wheel sets. The driving wheels are driven through the transmission device to drive the cart to run along the track. The transmission mode of the trolley operating mechanism can be mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission or electric transmission.

3. Car

The trolley is a lifting trolley that can move laterally on the overhead. Its structure includes a lifting mechanism, a trolley operating mechanism and a rotating mechanism. The lifting mechanism is used to lift and lower heavy objects, the trolley operating mechanism is used to drive the trolley to move laterally along the overhead track, and the rotating mechanism is used to rotate the trolley.

4. Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment includes motors, controllers, contactors, relays, resistors, transformers, etc. The motor is the power source of the crane, the controller is used to control the movement of the crane, the contactor is used to control the on and off of the power supply, the relay is used to protect and control the circuit, the resistor is used to limit the current, and the transformer is used to change the voltage.

Double girder overhead crane

Stainless steel double girder overhead crane has the following characteristics:

  1. Simple structure, stable and reliable, easy to maintain.

  2. High lifting height, suitable for hoisting and transporting large equipment.

  3. It runs quickly and can improve work efficiency.

  4. Stainless steel material has strong corrosion resistance and can adapt to various environments.

  5. Equipped with advanced electrical equipment, it can realize automatic control and operation.

This type of crane is usually used for lifting operations that require large spans across, such as in pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants, chemical plants and other places with high requirements on materials. The stainless steel double-girder overhead crane is designed to be used in harsh environments for extended periods of time and to meet special hygiene and safety standards, making it an indispensable lifting equipment in specific industries.

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