Which Industries Need the Clean Room Crane?

12 Jan 2022 News

Clean room cranes, also known as clean cranes, hygienic cranes, clean overhead cranes, dust-free cranes, sanitary crane, etc. Clean room cranes are a special kind of crane equipment used in dust-free environments. The dust-free crane equipment has undergone special processing, and has truly achieved dust-free, oil-free and dirt-free production during operation, which determines the cleanliness of the dust-free workshop. Therefore, clean cranes can be used in: chemical industry, precision instruments, aerospace, biopharmaceuticals, photovoltaic optoelectronics, semiconductors, LCD screen production, paper industry, electronic workshops, microelectronics, laboratories and other places.

Features of Cleanroom Crane

• Strict Compliance with GMP Standards. 

• Particle control allows the handling works comply with the ISO 14644 standard. And multiple cleanroom cranes can be supplied for ISO 5/6/7/8 cleanrooms.

• An Efficient production for heavy loads handling and lifting in a controlled environment.

• Accurate Positioning enhances the working efficiency in high-tech industry.

• Outstanding steel painting prevents dust and corrosion debris from the following works.

Clean room lifting hoists are highly professional and adaptable tools that offer strong support for clean production in various industries. They are designed to improve production efficiency, reduce the risk of manual handling, and ensure the high quality and precision of products. If you are looking for excellence and innovation in your production processes, KFCS is your trustworthy partner.Contact us today to get a free quotation and experience the difference that our products can make for your business.