Stainless Steel Rotating Jib Crane for Food Production Workshop

The stainless steel jib crane in the food production workshop is a light and small lifting equipment, consisting of a column, a slewing device, a jib and a chain electric hoist. It can perform lightweight lifting operations in dust-free, hygienic, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and other environments.

The main parameters:

  ● Loading capacity: 0.5~5 tons

  ● Swing arm length: 2~7 meters

  ● Rotation angle: 180° or 360°

  ● Rotation mode: manual or electric

  ● Lifting height: 3~6 meters

  ● Lifting speed: 8~10 meters/minute

  ● Power supply voltage: 380V/50Hz

  ● Structural material: stainless steel

Stainless steel jib crane

Structure and composition:

  ● Column: It is the supporting structure of the crane. The lower end is fixed on the concrete foundation through anchor bolts, and the upper end is connected to the jib.

  ● Slewing device: It is the rotating mechanism of the crane, consisting of a motor, reducer, slewing bearing and brake, etc., which can realize manual or electric rotation of the jib.

  ● Jib: It is the working arm of the crane. It is made of I-beam or hollow steel. It has light weight, large span and large lifting capacity. It can be installed on columns, walls or other structures.

  ● Electric chain hoist: It is the lifting mechanism of the crane. It is composed of a motor, reducer, brake, chain and hook, etc. It can run left and right in a straight line on the jib and lift heavy objects.

Product advantages:

  ● It has good corrosion resistance and cleanability, will not contaminate food, and meets the requirements of food grade/non-lubricated and sealed parts.

  ● It can achieve right-angle steering or 360-degree rotation and is fully functional.

  ● Adapt to different site conditions and operational needs to ensure space utilization.

  ● Reliable performance, simple maintenance and high safety performance.

  ● The operation is smooth and noiseless, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

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