KBK combined self-supporting light crane system

25 Mar 2022 Products > Combined Crane
KBK combined self-supporting light crane system adopts C-shaped track, which adopts closed track design with high strength and light weight, which effectively reduces the wear of track trolley and hoist wheels. In the case of insufficient lifting points, the self-supporting KBK crane can use truss-type steel rails to strengthen the load-bearing of the rails, thereby achieving a larger span and reducing the number of hangers. The steel truss design allows the lifting span to reach 9m, reducing the possibility of the support column obstructing the work site, so that the self-erecting crane is widely used in various industries. Features: low headroom, safe and reliable, humanized design Advantages of self-erecting cranes: the lifting capacity can reach 2000kg, the length of the main beam of the crane can reach 10m, and the distance between the rail hanging points can reach 9m. Lightweight KBK suspended crane features: truss structure, low maintenance cost, modular design, easy expansion, easy installation, light movement, accurate positioning, wide range of installation options, composite lifting system.

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