Introduction to the styles and classifications of clean room cranes

10 Jan 2022 News
Cleanroom cranes can be divided into the following categories according to their styles: 1. The horizontal bridge of the clean room bridge crane is set on two outriggers to form a bridge type crane in the shape of a gantry. This kind of crane runs on ground rails and is mainly used for handling and installation in open storage yards, shipyards, power stations, ports and railway freight stations. The hoisting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and bridge structure of the gantry crane are basically the same as those of the bridge crane. Due to the large span, the crane operating mechanism mostly adopts a separate driving method to prevent the crane from running skewed and increase the resistance, or even cause an accident. The lifting trolley of the gantry crane runs on the bridge, and some lifting trolleys are a jib crane. The outriggers on both sides of the bridge are generally rigid outriggers; when the span exceeds 30 meters, one side is usually a rigid outrigger, and the other side is a flexible outrigger connected by a spherical hinge and the bridge, making the gantry a statically indeterminate system , This can avoid the additional stress caused by the lateral thrust under the action of the external load, and can also compensate for the longitudinal temperature deformation of the bridge. The wind area of ​​the gantry crane is large. Crane rail clamps interlocked with running gear. The bridge frame can be without cantilever at both ends; it can also be cantilevered at one end or cantilevered at both ends to expand the working range. The semi-gantry crane bridge has outriggers at one end and no outriggers at the other end, and runs directly on the high platform. Second, the clean room gantry crane Gantry crane is divided into 4 types. This kind of crane is the most widely used and can handle various pieces and bulk materials, with a lifting capacity of less than 100 tons and a span of 4 to 35 meters. Ordinary gantry cranes with grabs work at a higher level. Kunfeng Heavy Industry can design the most suitable clean room crane for you according to the characteristics of the plant and the functions to be realized.