Under-Running Cranes

12 Apr 2022 News
Underhung Bridge Crane Under-Running Cranes Well if top running cranes are easier to maintain, cheaper, and can generally hold more weight, why would I want an under running crane? Well, how tall is your ceiling? Ceiling height is a pretty big factor when you want to put a large crane inside your building. Many times people don’t have very tall factory buildings to work in. In these cases an under-running crane may be their only possible configuration. Uses Also used just like any other bridge crane, though typically spanning less distance than a top running crane. The benefit businesses get from under running cranes is definitely the amount of space savings. And for some businesses it may be the only option they have to get a bridge crane in their building. Costs Under running cranes generally have higher maintenance costs than top running cranes. This is because the crane will always have a suspended load to bear. When it comes time to work on its supports that load won’t go away so the work is more costly.