Cleanroom Stainless Steel Cranes For Sale

Clean room stainless steel crane is a lifting equipment specially designed for clean room environment. Its main working principle is to drive the lifting mechanical arm through the motor to realize the suspension and transportation of goods. It is generally used in material handling, loading and unloading, stacking, disassembly and other operations in clean rooms.

The advantages of clean room stainless steel cranes include simple structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, strong durability, and low maintenance costs. At the same time, because it is made of stainless steel, it has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, etc., and meets the environmental requirements of clean rooms.

The load-bearing capacity of stainless steel cranes in clean rooms is generally between 500kg-10 tons, and the maximum lifting height can reach 30 meters. Its size, shape, load and other parameters can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

How to maintain:

Regularly check the wires, cables, switches, sockets and other electrical equipment of the crane to ensure that they are working properly.

Pay attention to the chains, hooks, pulleys and other components, and apply lubricating oil to ensure their smooth operation.

Regularly clean the surface of the crane, especially the stainless steel part, use a special cleaning agent, and avoid the use of corrosive chemicals.

Check the fastening bolts and connecting parts of the crane in time to ensure that they are firm and reliable.

Regularly check the crane's brakes to make sure they are working properly.

Pay attention to safety equipment such as limit switches and overload protection devices to ensure their normal operation.

Factors affecting the market price of clean room stainless steel cranes:

Load-bearing capacity: The prices of cranes with different load-bearing capacities are different. Generally speaking, the greater the load-bearing capacity, the higher the price.

Lifting height: Cranes with higher lifting heights are more expensive because they require stronger motors and longer pulleys and chains.

Material quality: The quality of stainless steel materials will directly affect the price of the crane. High-quality stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, but the price is relatively expensive.

Brand awareness: The price of cranes of well-known brands is relatively high, and their product quality and after-sales service are also more guaranteed.

Configuration accessories: Different cranes are equipped with different accessories, such as remote controls, safety devices, etc., which will also affect their prices.

In short, the market price of stainless steel cranes in clean rooms is between 100,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan, and the specific price needs to be evaluated according to product specifications, brands, configurations and other factors.

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