Application of aluminum alloy gantry in pharmaceutical industry

03 Dec 2020 Case

Aluminum alloy gantry is a new type of aluminum alloy gantry small crane gantry, which is developed according to the daily production needs of small and medium-sized factories, facade, outdoor and other daily production needs of handling equipment, warehousing, lifting and maintenance of heavy equipment and material transportation. It is suitable for manufacturing mould, auto repair factory, mine, construction site and lifting occasion. The biggest advantage of the aluminum alloy gantry is that it can be moved in all directions, can be quickly disassembled and installed, and occupies a small area. It can be transferred to another site for installation and use with a mini car. The width and height can be adjusted step by step. The steel structure design is reasonable and can bear the weight from 100 to 5000 kg. Aluminum alloy gantry is especially suitable for the installation, handling and debugging of workshop equipment.Aluminum alloy gantryThere are mainly two specifications of aluminum alloy gantry: one is the gantry with omni-directional movement on the ground, and the bearing wheel with brake can move on the ground, which is suitable for lifting articles on the ground; the other is to fix the steel rail on the floor or beam, and realize the lifting mechanization through electric or manual hoist. It can reduce manpower, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency. The aluminum alloy gantry crane can use hand chain block or electric hoist, which has strong practicability.