Application of KBK aluminum alloy rail crane in automobile industry

03 Dec 2020 Case

KBK aluminum alloy rail crane requires that the roof structure of the customer's workshop can bear enough strength and safely support the crane load. Customers can install multiple girders on a set of fixed rails, significantly improving production efficiency.KBK Aluminum alloy craneApplication advantages of KBK aluminum alloy rail crane in automobile industry1. Anodizing is not required 2. The starting force is 200:1 and the driving force is 300:1 3. Aluminum alloy material, unique rail section design, ergonomics, precise positioning 4. Small pushing force, easy to control, convenient for precise positioning and high operation flexibility 5. Track selection is determined by load and suspension distance 6. Strengthening the combination of beam and track can achieve larger span and load-bearing 7. Easy to install