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08 Jun 2022 News

The clean room stainless steel monorail crane is a lifting equipment suitable for dust-free or high-cleanliness environments. It is mainly made of stainless steel and can effectively prevent the generation and spread of rust dust and ensure the cleanliness of the working environment. Stainless steel monorail crane usually consists of an electric hoist, wire rope and lifting mechanism suspended on the crane beam. It can run on a monorail suspension track to lift, carry and install items in clean rooms.

Stainless steel monorail crane

Introduction to composition structure

  ● The main beam is the main load-bearing structure of the monorail crane. It is generally made of I-beam or stainless steel, and is sprayed with an electrostatic paint coating on the outside to prevent dust adsorption.

  ● The electric hoist trolley is the traveling part of the monorail crane. It is installed on the guide rail of the main beam. It consists of electric driving wheels and guide wheels and can move along the direction of the main beam.

  ● The electric chain hoist is the lifting part of the monorail crane. It is made of engineering plastics or stainless steel. It has a fully enclosed stainless steel dust-proof box on the outside. It contains lifting motors, reducers, brakes, chains, sprockets, hooks and other components inside. Able to lift and lower heavy objects vertically.

  ● The power supply system is the electrical part of the monorail crane, which is composed of cables, support structures, air switches, etc. It transmits power to the drive motor and lifting motor to realize the walking and lifting functions of the monorail crane.


  ● It has a simple structure, is easy to clean, takes up little space, and is suitable for low-headroom workshops.

  ● It adopts anti-static design, does not absorb dust, does not generate friction dust, and can meet the requirements of medicine, food, aerospace and other industries.

  ● The electrical box, connecting bolts and some structural parts are made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and does not absorb dust.

  ● The lifting chain adopts a three-proof protective cover, which can be retracted freely to prevent the chain from contacting the outside world.

  ● The electric hoist adopts a fully enclosed stainless steel dust-proof box, equipped with vertical and horizontal bellows for airtight protection.

  ● Stainless steel hooks, remote controls, etc. are all specially treated to prevent contamination of materials.

Clean room monorail crane

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