KBK Stainless Steel Suspension Crane

12 Sep 2023 News

KBK stainless steel suspension crane is a lifting equipment commonly used for indoor material handling. It is made of stainless steel material, has excellent corrosion resistance, and is suitable for harsh environments such as humidity, high temperature, acid and alkali. KBK crane adopts modular design and can be flexibly combined and installed according to actual needs. It is mainly composed of suspension track, lifting mechanism, electric motor, control system and other parts. The suspended track is installed on the ceiling, and the lifting mechanism can move freely on the track to achieve fast and efficient handling of materials. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, workshops and other places for material handling, loading and unloading, production and assembly, etc.

KBK suspension crane


  ● By adjusting the height of the suspension rail, it can adapt to cargo handling needs of different heights.

  ● Made of stainless steel material with high strength and good rigidity, it can carry heavier goods.

  ● Using electric drive, the operation is simple and flexible, and it can realize forward and backward, left and right, and up and down movements.

  ● The lifting mechanism is equipped with a limit protection device to ensure the safe operation of the suspension crane.

  ● The structure is simple and easy to maintain, reducing maintenance costs and time.

Operating standards:

  ● Operators should receive special training and be familiar with the operating principles, safety regulations and operating procedures of the crane. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate the crane.

  ● Before operation, the working status of the crane should be checked to ensure that all parts are operating normally and that there are no abnormalities such as looseness or abnormal noise.

  ● Operators should correctly wear safety protective equipment, such as safety helmets, safety shoes, etc., and are strictly prohibited from wearing loose clothing or long hair.

  ● Before operating the crane, a pre-inspection should be carried out, including checking whether the power supply is normal, whether the controller is sensitive, and whether the limit device is reliable, etc.

  ● During operation, the operation should be carried out in accordance with the instructions in the operation manual or signboard. Overload operation or operation beyond the rated range of the crane is strictly prohibited.

  ● When the crane is operating, the standing posture should be kept stable, and attention should be paid to the operation of the spreader and lifting objects to prevent collision or slipping.

  ● When the crane is lifting or lowering materials, keep people around you away from the danger area to prevent accidental injuries.

  ● After the operation, the power should be turned off and the work site should be cleaned to ensure that the crane and the surrounding environment are clean and safe.

  ● Carry out regular inspection and maintenance of cranes to ensure the normal operation, safety and reliability of the equipment.