Stainless steel cantilever crane introduction

30 Dec 2021 News
The main parts of the stainless steel cantilever crane are all made of stainless steel, which is suitable for use in places with corrosive gas. At the same time, the stainless steel cantilever crane is also equipped with an explosion-proof motor and an explosion-proof travel switch, which is suitable for places with explosive gases or explosive gas mixtures. It is mainly composed of a fixed column, a movable column, a cantilever, a roller device and an electric push rod. The structure is simple, the rotation is light and flexible, the cantilever can be suspended and rotated by 300°, and the working space is large. Stainless steel cantilever crane installation After the equipment is transported to the site, check the product and technical documents according to the packing list for any loss of life, bending and torsion deformation of the stainless steel cantilever beam, and corrosion of the shaft during transportation. Bumps, etc. should be corrected or restored separately. For column installation, the column should be kept vertical to the ground. The anchor plate screws should be tightened firmly without loosening. The floor and foundation should fit well. If equipped with an electric hoist, the foundation should be embedded with cables and grounding facilities. The grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohms. For beam installation, please proceed in the following order. First hoist the beam horizontally, and insert the rotating shaft into the rotating drum from the upper and lower pallets. Then install the reducer on the pallet and install the electric hoist on the stainless steel cantilever beam track. Connect and install all electrical appliances on the beam, and leave power cords of appropriate length.