The dust-free crane has high requirements for the clean room environment

10 Dec 2021 News
In the electronic workshop, precision instrument workshop, pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop and other industries for "white room" hoisting operations, the clean room crane can meet the strict requirements on hygiene and dust-free while taking on the lifting function. Running. Conversen has been actively committed to the development and construction of innovative, safe, clean and efficient lifting solutions, and has developed a series of clean room electric hoists in clean space environment applications. We strictly select materials and parts to ensure that our products avoid all kinds of pollution. Our hoists and cranes are completely made of stainless steel, with a completely sealed drive structure. The surface of the whole equipment is smooth and easy to clean, and dust can be removed at any time. With these clean lifting equipment, customers can easily reduce the risk of contamination to a very low level, and to a large extent avoid the possibility of substandard products. In response to the corresponding risks in the clean space, Converson takes high-level safety measures at all times to ensure the reliable performance of the lifting equipment. We follow the standards to ensure that customers enjoy safe performance. With the ability to meet the requirements of various dust-free clean room environments, the clean room electric hoist can be used in special dust-proof cranes in the required electronic workshops, precision instrument workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops and other workshops.