Free Standing I Beam Electric Jib Crane

The I beam electric jib crane is an efficient and flexible material handling equipment widely used in various industrial and production environments. It uses electric drive and combines the rotation and telescopic functions of the jib to achieve fast and accurate grabbing and transportation of heavy objects.

I beam electric jib crane

Structural design

The structure of the I beam electric jib crane is mainly composed of a base, a jib, a telescopic mechanism, an electric drive device and a hook. The base is welded with high-strength steel to ensure the stability and load-bearing capacity of the crane. The swing arm uses I beam as the main load-bearing structure, which has excellent bending resistance and torsion resistance. The telescopic mechanism realizes the telescopic function of the swing arm through the telescopic cylinder, and the working radius can be adjusted according to actual needs. The electric drive device provides power to the crane, driving the jib rotation and hook lifting. Hooks can be selected in different types and specifications according to actual needs.

Control system design

The control system of I beam electric jib crane mainly consists of electrical control cabinet, operating button box, limit switch, sensor, etc. The electrical control cabinet is responsible for the power distribution and control logic processing of the entire crane. The operation button box is installed in a convenient location to facilitate users to control various actions of the crane. Limit switches and sensors are used to protect the safe operation of the crane and prevent dangerous situations such as overloading and over-rolling.


  ● The electric drive enables the crane to respond quickly and work efficiently, while the rotation and telescopic functions of the jib enable the crane to operate flexibly in a limited space.

  ● As the main load-bearing structure, the I beam gives the crane a high load-bearing capacity and can meet the handling needs of various heavy objects.

  ● The control system adopts advanced control logic and multiple safety protection measures to ensure the stable operation and safe operation of the crane.

  ● The crane's compact structure and reasonable design make daily maintenance simple and convenient, reducing usage costs.

Free standing rotating jib crane

Pre-sale service

  ● Understand customer needs and application scenarios to confirm suitable jib crane type and accurate jib crane specifications

  ● Get custom crane designs and custom CAD crane drawings for free

  ● Free jib crane specs pdf brochure and official jib crane quote

  ● Clarify the content and commitment of after-sales service to customers, so that customers can feel more assured and at ease during the purchase process.

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