The intelligent crane system

04 Mar 2022 Products > Intelligent Crane
The intelligent crane is a new type of intelligent unmanned automatic crane. The intelligent crane system control function can set the grab movement position and time according to the placement of the material in the workshop, and automatically lift the material at the specified position. , High accuracy, different grapple hooks can be customized according to different materials in the workshop! At the same time, the smart crane has an anti-sway function, and the anti-sway control is designed to automatically limit the load swing by controlling the acceleration and deceleration of the cart and trolley. This smart feature helps you pinpoint loads and reduce load cycle times. Shock load protection ensures smooth lifting of loads. The hoist drive monitors the load. If the load is lifted suddenly, the lifting speed will automatically decrease until the load is lifted. This prevents shock to the load and the crane, reducing wear on the crane steel structure and mechanical parts Intelligent cranes are widely used in: nuclear industry, PetroChina, intelligent warehousing and logistics, terminal assembly lines, intelligent workshops, chemical workshops, etc.!

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