Intelligent Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

17 Mar 2022 Products > Intelligent Crane
Intelligent Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Special container handling equipment for intelligent container gantry crane container yards. Powered by cable reels, it can only travel on fixed rails. Rubber-tyred container gantry cranes and rail-mounted container gantry cranes have been dominated by full-frequency AC speed regulation in recent years, and some old equipment still use DC drive systems. Solution and technical characteristics of container gantry crane and rail-mounted container gantry crane ①Constant power: fully linearized constant power speed regulation, the speed is increased under light load, and the operation efficiency is improved; ②Automatic container search function for large and small vehicles: According to the coordinates of a given container, it will automatically run to the top of the container position; ③ Lifting anti-slip hook control: based on the torque verification function to achieve good speed control and brake control to ensure lifting safety; ④Automatic anti-sway function: The trolley makes vivid and coordinated actions to control the swing of the spreader, reduce mechanical impact, and can realize the automatic spreader in the presence of swing and interference. Swing control, high stability. ⑤ Container volume statistics: record the number of containers loaded and unloaded for each work shift, and can print and archive; ⑥CMS: friendly man-machine interface, intelligent fault handling, fault tracking and equipment maintenance functions, record operation instructions, working status of each mechanism, running itinerary, heavy It can effectively reduce the work intensity of maintenance and operation staff, and facilitate management.

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